I had my QuiltEZ system installed last week. It was an extremely hot day with no ac in my studio. Joe did a wonderful job and had everything installed and running in no time and I was fully trained on how the program worked. This is the first quilt I have finished with the new system.  I love the program. heather-hughes-first-quilt
Heather Hughes - Roblin, Ontario
I just want to thank the staff at Quilt EZ for showing me, my husband, sister-in-law and her husband around the shop. We are traveling from Delaware to California and I wanted to stop in for a tour. They took time from their busy schedules to show us around and explain the process for their robotics. I know it takes many hours to design the patterns, being able to manipulate the patterns for your quilts. We take the process for granted but they are creative. We just want the pattern design to sew/quilt out correctly. I know the tech wants to cringe when I called for help. I told him I was not very techy, he said not a problem. They were ever so patient with me. I would have my husband listen with me so we had two sets of ears listening. I am happy with my robotics and will not hesitate to call with any questions. Again thank you Quilt EZ staff for your time. Donna in Delaware
Donna Clendaniel - Dover, Delaware
Love my Quilt EZ robot so easy to use and the videos help so much. there is never too much education on the things we invest in.
Donna Seal - Franklinton, Louisiana
This is such a great Robotic system to upgrade your old machine with or to put on the new machine you may be thinking of buying. For all the information on the steps that would be taken to upgrade or install on your machine call Quilt EZ
Debbie Minton - Chattanooga, Tennessee