Butler Quilting Robot

Follow the Grooves to a Perfect Pattern.

Templates let any quilter create a perfect baptist fan, clams, or other patterns. Drop the stylus into the groove on the board and trace your way to an easier pattern.

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Butler Quilting Robot

What is Added to my Machine?

  1. Machine-Specific Adapter – Every machine and carriage is different, but all of them are compatible using a custom-made adapter to hold the Quilt-EZ stylus.
  2. Stylus – Our spring-loaded stylus ensures that the tip stays firmly in the groove of each template board.
  3. Template Board - Using the pattern of your choice, lay the template onto the top of your quilt frame and drop the stylus tip in. Follow thr grooves to a great pattern.

Each board is made of ABS plastic and is 3/16ths inch thick. The grooves in each board are 1/8th inch wide.

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