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Quilt Manager is the BEST, most SIMPLE to use digitizing software you can find. It’s also the most affordable option to create and modify robotic quilt patterns.  Crop pre-digitized patterns and use what you want in your project.

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What can the Quilt Manager Do?

  1. Open/Save Digitized Patterns –Whether QLI, DXF, or QCC, Quilt Manager can open your pattern design files. Available output files Are QCC and DXF.
  2. Shape tools -Quilt Manager has built-in shape tools so you can quickly make perfectly proportioned circles, squares, rectangles or stars.
  3. Advanced Editing Tools - Using Quilt Managers advanced features, You can mirror, echo, or repeat patterns.
  4. What ever you can imagine - Check out our tutorial videos for more detailed explanations.


Additional Features

  • Preview Shape Stitching - watch a stitching simulation of your pattern.
  • Create & Edit Pattern Boxes – isolate elements of your design.
  • Grid Views – allow shapes and patterns to auto-align with gridlines.
  • Show Stitching Jumps - shows where the stitching arm will “jump” and not stitch.
  • Create Custom Shapes - multi-cornered, circular, square, polygons, stars, etc.
  • Adjust & Manipulate Shapes – divide line paths, cut shapes, edit line points.
  • Draw Freehand - custom draw, add to existing patterns.
  • Join Path Points - connect an end point and start point of two different shapes.
  • Set Colors - differentiate your shapes easily and quickly.
  • Group/Ungroup Shapes – preserve spacing between several different shapes.
  • Swap Start & Stop Points – eliminate wasted thread.
  • Mirror Vertically & Horizontally – quickly invert the shapes positioning.
  • Repeat Patterns – place similar shapes in several adjacent grid boxes.
  • Set the Dimensions - set your preferred unit of measurement.

Minimum System Requirements:

500 MHz 512 mb RAM 1 GB Hard Drive Windows XP or newer CD-ROM Drive Mouse

Supported File Formats:

  • Butler Robotics-- qcc, qli, dxf
  • Shirley Stitcher – qcc
  • Quilt Magician – qcc
  • Statler Stitcher – qli (import only)
  • AutoCad – dxf

At only $209, Quilt Manager is well below the cost of other digitizing software.

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